Project IDLY is a non-profit organization providing the first meal of the day to the poor.

Our team


With a Master's degree in Computer Applications, a practicing mindfulness life coach and a passionate home-baker, Priti has been successfully juggling multiple roles. She leads the operations, fund raising and finances.


With a bachelors degree in telecommunication Engineering, as well as a problem solver, Shailesh is instrumental in ideating and shaping the vision through tools, technology and resources.




”An educationalist by profession and humanitarian by nature. Puja leads the finances and kitchen operations for Pune region”

- Puja


”An IT professional and the kindest human being you will ever meet. Kartik helps in streamlining the operations in Pune region.”

- Kartik


”She is the small wonder with a never say die attitude. Sita is our Kitchen assistant and ensures hygiene is at the top priority, always.”

- Sita


”The master chef. Shailender is an expert chef and adds lot of love along with taste in his creations.”

- Shailender

Meet our Pune Scouts

”Our youngest, cutest and kindest scout. Aisha's contributions and support have already made a big difference to so many lives."

- Aisha

Meet our Bangalore Scouts

”A software engineer by profession and a die hard Rajani fan. Shyam leads the kitchen and distribution for Bangalore region”

- Shyam

”A software engineer by profession and a compassionate human being. Sid helps in operationalizing the IDLY revolution in Bangalore”

- Siddhartha (Sid)

”A brilliant student, talented cricketer, sports lover and above all, a kind soul. Aaryav has devoted his Sunday mornings to enable distribution.”

- Aaryav

”A 76 year young man, Pramod is at the forefront leading the IDLY distribution.”

- Pramod

”The IDLY couple, Tara and Prafful. They run a cloud kitchen and have been gracious enough to support the cause.”

- Tara & Prafful

Meet our Kalyan (Mumbai) Scouts

”A businessman, runner & philanthropist. Durgesh drives the IDLY revolution in Kalyan (Mumbai)”

- Durgesh

”Like father, Like Daughter. Taanish is a Student and supports Durgesh in driving the IDLY revolution in Kalyan (Mumbai)”

- Taanish

”A student and another of our next generation scouts. Nahush and his efforts make us proud - Indeed the world is going to be a better place”

- Nahush

Meet our Thane (Mumbai) Scouts

”High-on-life individual and a loving mother. She brings her creative experience to market #ProjectIDLY & drives the Thane chapter."

- Shuchi

”A banker by profession and reel creator by passion. Sayali is at cheerful best at the #IDLYday drives”

- Sayali

”An Entrepreneur, multi tasker and go-getter. Sachin is at the helm of the initiative in Thane”

- Sachin

”A Student and animal lover who turns into an 'IDLY Ninja' on Sunday's. See his fast hands at work on our #IDLYDays."

- Vyom

“To the hungry, God can only appear as bread.”

– Mahatma Gandhi