Feed the need

Our first (pilot) project was launched in April 2024 in Pune (west). The primary objective of our pilot project is to alleviate hunger and provide sustenance to those in need within our local community. Through meticulous planning and heartfelt collaboration, we successfully established a system capable of feeding over 150 individuals on a weekly basis in Pune (Warje & Viman nagar), Bangalore, Mumbai (Kalyan & Thane) & Delhi (Paschim Vihar) locations. This initial milestone not only served as a testament to our commitment but also underscored the power of collective action in addressing pressing societal challenges.

Central to the success of our pilot project was the unwavering support and dedication of our IDLY scouts. Their tireless efforts, enthusiasm, and local expertise were instrumental in laying the foundation for our operations and fostering meaningful connections within the community. Together, we not only provided nourishment to those in need but also cultivated a sense of solidarity and empathy that transcended barriers.

Immediate next step is to scale the capacity to increase the frequency to daily and also multiply the number of people we serve. As we learn from the pilot phase, we recognize that our journey towards creating a hunger-free society cannot be undertaken alone, hence we intend to scale this in existing and new locations across the country with support from friends, family, volunteers and you!

Join us as we continue to sow the seeds of change, one meal at a time, and together, let us nourish both body and soul, igniting a ripple effect of hope, kindness, and empowerment across communities far and wide.

About the project

Starting point

The first step is to lower the cost/person to be able to do more with less. We are working with our IDLY scouts to ideate, operationalize and increase our reach.

Support from local IDLY scouts

Location, scale, and accessibility is absolutely crucial to this project. We want to make the biggest and most realistic impact.

End Goal

Scaling the operation to a daily frequency with increased outreach across locations in India using technology, tools & manpower.

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”

― Brian Tracy